The Israeli Innovation Authority and the Israeli "MoC" announces that Edge Hawk - Security wins Pilot for testing advanced security solutions include 5G Network Access Edge & 5G MEC applications in a real life 5G environment in collaboration with HOT Mobile company... read more



Established –  Jan 26th  2020 

Seed investor – , NASDAQ: RDWR

EdgeHawk Security is a software based Cyber Security company,  protecting 5G Mobile Networks & Enterprises ( RAN to Core )  from network - based  attacks that are generated from infected EU’s devices such as IOT’s devices, 5G cell phones & Mirai Botnet.

The new solution is enabling Service Providers and Enterprises to create new Revenue Streams while securing 5G new deployment.


EdgeHawk Security binds network, security and new sophisticated algorithms together via Docker / Container & Kubernetes software which removes the need for dedicated  hardware with a better deployment pricing model